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1996 Mini Cooper



This 1996 Mini Cooper is powered by a 1.3L twin point injected engine mated with a 5-speed manual transmission.


This vehicle has been in storage for two years. All fluids have been recently changed. Body work was required on front panel due to rust damage, but has been restored. Brake system has been inspected; brake master cylinder, read wheel cylinders and all brake hoses have been replaced. Ignition system has been recently serviced. Cold start solenoid has been replaced. Shock absorbers should be replaced. 

Vehicle is finished in dark green metallic paint with John Cooper Car Co. white stripes. Fitted with a concertina sunroof, which has been serviced and lubricated, with an interior finished with veneered wood, black carpeting and off-white pattered cloth seats.

This Mini Cooper is a great daily driver. The fuel injected motor increases reliability and performance.


Note: This mini was built to 1996 specifications, but is registered at NYS DMV as a 1966.

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